Diagnostic Ultrasound For Your Clinic
Diagnose and effectively treat more patients with musculoskeletal tele-sonography from EchoMind AI

MSK Ultrasounds without the
Learning Curve

77% of ALL injury health care visits are for musculoskeletal injuries and most going undiagnosed in 1st visit.


According to the Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound and the NIH a big reason why is because ultrasound isn’t being utilized enough.

The extremely steep learning curve that comes with learning traditional MSK Ultrasound prevents most clinics and practices from adopting it in house.

There just isn’t enough time for the average practitioner to get the training and experience you need.

Echo Mind AI makes it possible to add Ultrasound diagnostics to any clinic of any size.

“Loved having this service!!!  I plan to use this technology and your service moving forward.”

Leslie Parrish, PT

How it Works

Complete Short Training

Echo Mind AI provides a quick series of onboarding trainings. Within a few hours, you’re ready to scan.

Record & Upload the Ultrasound

It’s time to scan. Record the scan and uploaded to our HIPAA compliant cloud-based platforms.

Results Delivered in Minutes

An EchoMind AI Certified Sonographer annotates with AI assistance and returns them to you in the same office visit.

It is recommended practitioners have at least 2 days of hands on training with ultrasound to effectively leverage our platform. This training can be provided by Echo Mind Ai upon request or any another provider.

National Science Foundation Awardee

“The results returned literally around ten minutes – detailed and insightful! It allows a well-informed evaluation and plan of care for the patient. The training videos and materials are helpful. Overall, I am pleased so far with the service and I am looking forward to see its further development. :)”

Ren Mendoza, PT


  • Increased revenue
  • Fewer MRIs, less cost to patients
  • Faster recovery with in-clinic diagnostic
  • Increase patient engagement
  • Reduce liability with documentation

Patients Win.

You Win.

“Prior to my RMSK certification I used Echo Mind services for their diagnostic abilities. Their scan assessments were done in a timely manner and with accuracy.”

Kevin Bryant, PT

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