Echo Mind Ai is developing artificial intelligence to make musculoskeletal ultrasound diagnostics easy for all doctors everywhere. We have tested and understand the data structure necessary to be successful with MSK ultrasound. So far we have developed a proof of concept for predicting tendon tears in the shoulder with 95% accuracy.
AI for musculoskeletal ultrasound
Our tele-sonography model is structured to provide us with a scalable data collection and labeling for future AI development. We have IRB approval to collect data that is usable for FDA approvals. This provides for a valuable and usable data set to not just develop AI, but to build the data set necessary to pass FDA and commercialize our technology. 
  • Guidance system for novice users: We are developing a guidance system so that a novice user can place an ultrasound probe around the scanning area and receive instructions through their mobile or tablet device as to where to move the probe and at which angle.
  • Color coded pathologies: We are developing color coded pathologies so the practitioner and patient can see any existing pathologies on screen in an easy to view and engaging way.
  • Color coded anatomical structures: We are developing color coded anatomical structures so important anatomical maps can be easily identified by novice users.
  • Diagnostic indications: We are developing AI diagnostics for real time diagnosis at the point of care for up to 13 various musculoskeletal pathologies.